Work Order: 

Everything shipped to us needs to be accompanied by a Work Order.  Please fill it out completely, sign it, and put it in an envelope or ziplock to prevent water/oil damage.

Work Order Form (.PDF)

Warranty Claim Form: 

Complete this form when filing a normal parts warranty or for certain service bulletin warranties.

Warranty Claim Form (.PDF)

Warranty Claim Form (.DOC)

iS Sport Upgrade Performance Data: 

This completed form is required when submitting the warranty for parts reimbursement for the iS Sport Upgrade SB-912i-003iS. NOTE: Static RPM values are required before the upgrade is done.   

912iS Sport Upgrade Performance Data Form (.PDF)

In observance of Memorial Day
Lockwood Aviation will be closed from Saturday May 28th thru Monday May 30th
We honor the memory of the service members and their families who have sacrificed to protect the freedom we enjoy.