Welcome to Aero Technical Institute Inc.

We specialize in maintenance training for Rotax aircraft engines and aircraft powered by Rotax aircraft engines. ATI is  associated with Lockwood Aviation Supply and Lockwood Aviation Repair in Sebring, Florida; companies that have been specializing in service and overhaul of Rotax aircraft engines for over 20 years and are the leading distributor of the 9-series engines in the United States.  Our training draws on that hard-earned wisdom and provides it to you in a practical, hands-on format.

Whether you are an A&P who wants to serve the rapidly growing Light Sport community, a brand new LSA Repairman, or the owner/renter of an aircraft which is powered by a Rotax engine, we have a course for you!

Training is conducted at the Lockwood Aviation Repair facilities located at the Sebring Regional Airport in sunny Sebring, Florida.  Our maintenance facility is the only ROTAX authorized overhaul center for the UL engines in the United States.

Excellent course overall! Will be returning for additional training.
I’ve trained at NASA, Lycoming, TCM and P&W – this course rates higher.
Edward – Titusville, FL

This is a must class for any A&P or LS repairman to attend.
My confidence with maintaining the Rotax engine went from about
60% to 100%. Looking forward to attending more Rotax classes!
Donato – Port St. Lucie, FL

Three Levels Rotax 4-Stroke Engine Training

  • Service Training
    Engine systems basics, operational issues, routine service, and inspections – including the condition inspection (100 hour or annual). Intended for the Light Sport operator/owner and as an introductory course for homebuilders and licensed maintainers.
  • Maintenance Training
    Continuation to Service Class – advanced understanding of  engine systems and installation issues, troubleshooting and major component disassembly. Intended for homebuilders & licensed maintainers.
  • Heavy Maintenance Training
    Continuation to Maintenance Class – engine disassembly of all components with the exception of splitting the case and goes into the repair of the major engine components. Intended for maintainers who will be setting up or working in a heavy maintenance repair facility.